We have dedicated apps for trading, back office, business promotion, learning, etc. Following are the list of apps: -  

ANT MOBI - This app is primarily used for trading activities like Order execution, Modification, Holdings, etc.

BOT - This app will give you all the details related to your ledger balance, profit and loss, payout, contract notes, etc.

DIGIPROMO - This app is used to promote your referral link on social media platforms. It is a tool for branding and business promotion.

TRADE STORE - This link includes all trading related apps like Smallcase, Sensibull, Ticker tape, Advisorymandi, etc. It is a value-added product for investors and traders both.

TRADE SCHOOL - It contains a series of hand-picked videos related to long term investment, trading strategies, basic concepts of trading, etc.

ALICEBLUE ONLINE APP - This app has educational and demo videos of Aliceblue Products. Additionally, you can also access the latest stock market news. 

ALICEBLUE MUTUAL FUNDS - Aliceblue Mutual Funds app allows you to invest in direct mutual funds at zero commission or brokerage