API is nothing but a key that will establish a connection between a programmed algorithm and our trading platform. So it is necessary to know programming to automate your own trading strategy.   But if you do not have programming knowledge, you can choose from Aliceblue’s 4 proven automated strategies which have up to 75% success rate:  

  • Money Machine (Free): It is Fibonacci and Gann based strategy which gives accurate signals for positional trades of Crude Oil, Bank Nifty, Nifty, etc. According to the proven tests, this strategy will help you make profits up to 70% of the time, so out of 100 trades, 70 trades will be profitable. 

  • Eagle Strategy (₹ 1999): It is a price-action based strategy that helps you automatically enter and exit trades based on breakouts. This strategy has up to 75% success rate and you can access it by paying only.

  • Intramax (₹ 2499): It is an Intraday Strategy that uses support and resistance breakouts to generate real-time signals. This strategy has up to 75% success rate.

  • Supertrend (₹ 1999): It is a trend following indicator that gives accurate signals based on trend breakouts. In this indicator, you can set multiple stop losses and targets. This strategy is widely used by professional traders across the world and has up to 70% success rate.